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"My experience with Tomato Patch was a huge part of my decision to the performing arts as part of my career. After college, I danced in New York for a while before returning to work at my alma mater. I still dance, I still sing, and I don't think I'd be where I am today without the summers I spent at camp."  

Ally Berger, Tomato Patch Alum


The first year Nicole went to Tomato Patch, they said during orientation that kids would meet their best friend there. Nicole met hers and they ended up becoming besties! They have been through 3 sessions together.


Ever since the first day I walked in as a little incoming 8th grader I felt so welcomed! Every class opens you up to more opportunities to learn new things and improve your skills. Tomato Patch is my home away from home for 4 weeks during the summer where I can feel like myself and sing/act/dance my heart out everyday!


I gained so much confidence and encouragement from Tomato Patch and honestly believe it made me out to be the silly, funny, caring and always singing teacher I am today!

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